Air Ambulance

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Let 1-800-Ambulance arrange your long distance or air ambulance transport. We have nearly 30 years in the business and can make accommodations for any type of medical ground or air transportation.

Our flight coordinators will professionally arrange air medical transportation. Our team of flight paramedics and flight nurses are especially trained to care for you or your loved one while in the air. Our team of paramedics and nurses are trained in flight physiology. Medical equipment is also state of the art and our crew is prepared to handle maybe types of different patients - cancer, heart condition, hospice, organ transplant, and many more.

1-800-Ambulance arrange bedside to bedside service to make things easier for the family. 1800Ambulance has worked with hospitals, case managers, social workers, and government.

Call us anytime for a quote. We are open 24/7/365 1-800-262-8526 Ext. 3