Medical Escorts - A More Economical Alternative

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Medical escorts are a more economical alternative to medical evacuations or long-distance air ambulance transfers. A medical escort can stay with a patient through a long journey to assist with any medical issues that may arise during transit. The medical escort stays with the patient from bedside-to-bedside, meaning that they accompany the patient from their bed in one medical facility to a bed in a new medical facility some distance away to ensure that the patient stays safe and healthy from origin to destination.

Medical escorts may be medical doctors, nurses, or a paramedic. In some instances, a team of medical escorts may be assigned to provide appropriate care for a patient en route to a destination. The assigned medical professional or professionals will depend on the patient’s medical condition. The medical professionals accompany the patient on domestic or international flights. On international flights, it is sometimes possible to arrange airline stretcher service for patients who are not able to sit upright through a long flight. Several seats on the airline are booked and an airline approved stretcher is put into place and the patient can ride lying down with the medical escort to provide care as needed.


Patients who are repatriating or who are in need of emergency care that can only be provided in another country may opt to use a medical escort instead of an air ambulance because the costs are significantly lower. Loved ones may accompany the patient traveling with a medical escort by simply booking a seat on the same flight. Though a medical escort may not have the same equipment available to them as they would on a commercial air ambulance the critical care nurse or paramedic still arrives prepared to deal with the patient’s specific medical condition to make certain the patient arrives safely at the appropriate destination.

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