Long Distance Ambulance Transports Provided by 1-800-Ambulance

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long distance ambulance transportation

Long distance ambulance transportation can be necessary when medically fragile, but stable patients must be moved from one medical facility or long-term care facility to another. There are a variety of situations that could necessitate the use of a long distance ambulance. For example, patients may need to be transferred to a medical facility across a long distance to receive advanced treatment from specialized medical doctors or hospitals. Or residents of long term care facilities may need to be transported lying down to a new location in order to be closer to family and friends. Long distance ambulance transportation offers patients a comfortable means of ground transportation between medical facilities.


Call 1-800-Ambulance (800-262-8526) to set up:

BLS- Basic Life Support;
ALS - Advanced Life Support;
CCT- Critical Care Transports;
Stretcher Van;
and Wheelchair Van;

Long Distance Patient Transportation Services for your patients and your loved ones.


Patients generally must be in a stable condition to be transported a long distance via ambulance. Loved ones will make the arrangements with the new hospital or medical facility, but the long distance ambulance service will likely take care of issues pertaining to moving the patient across state lines. It can be a challenge to coordinate an ambulance transport that passes across state lines, however long distance ambulance transportation services can often take care of these details so that loved ones can focus more readily on the other details pertaining to the move.


Long-distance ambulances are comfortable and equipped with the necessary medical supplies to care for loved ones in transit as needed. Medical personnel on board are able to change diapers, provide oxygen, and assist patients with basic tasks such as eating during transport. Some long distance ambulance services even allow an additional passenger to ride with the patient at no additional cost, offering an economical way to relocate stable patients in need of a new environment.

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