Long Distance

Medical Escorts - A More Economical Alternative

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Medical escorts are a more economical alternative to medical evacuations or long-distance air ambulance transfers. A medical escort can stay with a patient through a long journey to assist with any medical issues that may arise during transit. The medical escort stays with the patient from bedside-to-bedside, meaning that they accompany the patient from their bed in one medical facility to a bed in a new medical facility some distance away to ensure that the patient stays safe and healthy from origin to destination.

Long Distance Ambulance Transports Provided by 1-800-Ambulance

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long distance ambulance transportation

Long distance ambulance transportation can be necessary when medically fragile, but stable patients must be moved from one medical facility or long-term care facility to another. There are a variety of situations that could necessitate the use of a long distance ambulance. For example, patients may need to be transferred to a medical facility across a long distance to receive advanced treatment from specialized medical doctors or hospitals. Or residents of long term care facilities may need to be transported lying down to a new location in order to be closer to family and friends. Long distance ambulance transportation offers patients a comfortable means of ground transportation between medical facilities.


Call 1-800-Ambulance (800-262-8526) to set up:

BLS- Basic Life Support;
ALS - Advanced Life Support;
CCT- Critical Care Transports;
Stretcher Van;
and Wheelchair Van;

Long Distance Patient Transportation Services for your patients and your loved ones.