Why Do You Need to be IN-NETWORK?

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First and foremost be IN to get connected to your clients. When people call the 1-800-Ambulance number only participating providers receive calls to dispatch centers.

It is a fact that with the aging of Baby Boomers and reform in healthcare, the need for Ambulance providers is on the rise. IBIS World, the leader in U.S. Industry research, recognizes 2,921 Ambulance companies as of 2011.  The Ambulance industry boasts a $14 Billion dollar per year revenue and it is on the rise. In 2011, the annual growth was 6.5%.

Business is Good and Competition is Stiff

Allow us to do your advertising and create more of online presence for you. Join the 1-800-Ambulance Network to expand your customer base. You pay just one flat fee for unlimited calls from customers who are looking for medical transportation in your service area.

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