Wheelchair Travel Options

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When you need transport between facilities for medical appointments, you have some options for wheelchair accessible vehicles. There are several companies that provide non-emergency transport services and are designed to accommodate those with limited mobility. Once you know you need to arrange a transport for medical services, you may contact a scheduling center or a company that provides paratransit vehicles for those who need to use wheelchairs.

Beyond using a standard ambulance for non-emergency transport, many companies offer smaller vehicles, called paratransit vehicles, which are designed to get patients from one place to another. Paratransit vehicles may be SUVs, minivans or full-size vans, larger trucks that resemble small ambulances, or scaled-down versions of buses. Whatever the size you choose, these vehicles enable a wheelchair-bound person to travel in comfort, whether you need to go from home to the hospital, or to a doctor’s appointment, or if you need to arrange services to travel from one city or state to another.

Wheelchair transit services are specially equipped to provide assistance with boarding the vehicle, typically by using a ramp that lifts the entire chair up to the level of the van. This enables the patient in the wheelchair to remain in his seat without ever having to get up to transfer into the van. Wheelchairs can then be secured inside the vehicle for safety while driving and contain lap and shoulder belts to conform to state laws. Some companies may also offer spare wheelchairs for use by those patients with limited mobility who could benefit from wheelchair services for a short period of time.

Many companies that have designed their transport vehicles follow standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure that each transfer is safe for everyone involved. Additionally, the driver must be licensed and must follow traffic laws, as well as specific policies set forth by the organization. Some examples of companies that offer wheelchair services include Medi-Van, which is a service that is found throughout the United States and Canada, as well as Medi-Cab, another service that has several locations throughout the United States.

For those who want to use a van for personal services but need to use a wheelchair, such as traveling long distances, wheelchair van rentals are also available. These types of companies offer private vans that are wheelchair accessible and contain such features as lifts or ramps and elevated ceilings for maximum room. Many of these companies can deliver the van right to your door and offer other services as part of the rental, including emergency roadside assistance, services for long road trips or extended rental periods. Renting these types of vans makes traveling when using a wheelchair an essential option if you have places you need to be.

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