What are Stretcher Vans Used For?

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When making arrangements for patient transport services, you may have several options from which to choose. This depends on how far you need to go, as well as your overall condition and need for transport. In some cases, an ambulance may be available, whether as a ground vehicle or an air ambulance. Other times, a stretcher van may suit your needs for the type of transport that is necessary.

Stretcher vans are similar to what their name implies: they are vans that have the ability to carry stretchers. Stretcher vans are often used in non-emergency transports for those who need to use wheelchairs to get around or who need to lie down on a stretcher during the trip. A stretcher van is more than just a van with a bed in it, however, and these types of vehicles typically come equipped with many different kinds of accessories and medical equipment for transports.

Depending on the company, stretcher vans found in a fleet may have several different features that allow the company to meet the needs of different types of patients. Some people are in wheelchairs and need this accessibility, and there are some kinds of stretcher vans that have wheelchair lifts on the back or side of the vehicle that can lift a chair up to the level of the van, with room inside to secure the chair during transport. This makes transferring into the van easier, and the person in the wheelchair does not need to get up or move from the chair to a stretcher.

A stretcher van also can hold a stretcher for the patient who needs to lie down during transport. The patient is secured to the stretcher, and medical supplies, such as oxygen and first aid kits are often available in case the need arises for use. Depending on the size of the van, there may be room beyond the stretcher for another wheelchair or other chairs for family members to sit and ride along. These seats can often be collapsed or folded when not in use, which will provide more room in the back of the van.

Stretcher vans come in a variety of sizes, depending on the company and what is available in its fleet of vehicles. A van may be as small as an extended-size minivan or could be large enough to look like a small bus. These larger vehicles may also have room for storage for a patient’s private belongings, and may be ideal if the transport is over a long distance.

Stretcher vans are another method of facilitating non-emergency transport between healthcare centers and home. Some patients need to schedule a stretcher van for transport to attend doctor appointments, rehabilitation, or to be transferred from a hospital to home or a nursing care facility. For non-emergency transportation, stretcher vans are a comfortable way of travel for those who may otherwise be unable to ride in a private car. Using a stretcher van supports the patient’s comfort and security of having someone provide the way of getting from one facility to the next.

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