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What are Stretcher Vans Used For?

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When making arrangements for patient transport services, you may have several options from which to choose. This depends on how far you need to go, as well as your overall condition and need for transport. In some cases, an ambulance may be available, whether as a ground vehicle or an air ambulance. Other times, a stretcher van may suit your needs for the type of transport that is necessary.

How Comfortable are Stretchers?

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Ambulances come equipped to meet many types of medical needs and ambulance providers can give care and treatment for various situations. One of the main components of an ambulance is the stretcher; the bed found in the back of the truck that carries the patient. Stretchers have distinct purposes for transporting patients comfortably to a healthcare center, but they are also specifically designed to provide a safe transport.

Wheelchair Travel Options

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When you need transport between facilities for medical appointments, you have some options for wheelchair accessible vehicles. There are several companies that provide non-emergency transport services and are designed to accommodate those with limited mobility. Once you know you need to arrange a transport for medical services, you may contact a scheduling center or a company that provides paratransit vehicles for those who need to use wheelchairs.

General Transports

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Many people think of ambulances as those vehicles that only respond to critical, life-threatening situations. While ambulance services do provide care and transport during emergency situations, there are also many times when an ambulance is necessary for general transports, or those that may facilitate transferring patients between healthcare centers or on long-distance trips to other locations.