Neo-natal and Pediatric Ambulances

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Neo-natal and pediatric ambulances are able to provide medical care and transportation to sick or injured babies and children. A neo-natal ambulance is able to provide transportation to newborn babies in need of specialized care at specialized hospitals. Pediatric ambulances transport young children who are sick or injured for the same purpose: to obtain specialized or advanced medical care. These ambulance units are also able to provide transportation to young patients who have been stabilized but need to be moved closer to home.




Neo-natal and pediatric ambulances carry infant and child-sized equipment on board to help medical providers care for their young passengers more effectively. These ambulances carry specially trained crews of individuals who are experienced in the care of newborns or young children. The team may consist of medical doctors or nurses who specialize in neo-natal or pediatric care as well as paramedics who will be able to provide the unique type of care required by each child. These ambulance units are equipped with the necessary supplies to enable medical personnel on board to care for medically stable or medically unstable babies and children.


The team members who ride aboard a neo-natal/pediatric ambulance will depend on the particular circumstances surrounding the child’s transfer. The pediatric doctor will assist in the decision-making process about the trained staff who should ride aboard the ambulance. Parents will decide on the destination facility where the ambulance will transport the child and the date and time of the transport will be determined based on the child’s condition and other factors relating to the medical facilities involved.

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