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One Number for You to Call For Medical Transportation

The public, case managers, hospital administrators, nurses, doctors, and medical facilities have a Rolodex of ambulance transportation services for their patients at their fingertips.

Members of the public who are not sure who to call now have to only remember 1-800-Ambulance. Our dispatchers have years of experience helping the families and medical facilities transport patients. We are pleased to help you with any of your questions about our company and our service. Our vision is to close the informational gap between the public and transportation companies to make service more accessible, especially to those in need.

Patients and their families deserve the best medical transport which is personalized and meets the medical needs of patient and families. All of our customers receive local and long distance ground ambulance transport with trained highly trained medical staff that makes the door-to-door transport of patients seamless.

To arrange Ambulance transportation in your area, please call 1-800-262-8526.

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